You can cancel your booking and receive a 100% refund if it is 3 days or more prior to the pick-up date.

Email us on to cancel your booking. Please have your order number written in the email as well.

Parking is free in the Faroe Islands. However, in some areas there is a time limit. In Tórshavn the time limit varies from 30 minutes to 8 hours depending on the location. Look for a blue sign that will tell you how long you can park in that specific area. There is a parking disc on the frontwindow at the passenger side. Set the parking disc to the time that you park the car. For example if you park the car at 10am, then set the clock to be 10am. In case you forget to set the parking disc you are at risk of getting a parking ticket. The cost of a parking ticket is DKK 200 + a handling fee of DKK 100.

The minimum age to rent a car is 21.

In order to extend the rental send us an email on
In order to make changes to the rental send us an email on


Airport fee is mandatory as the the airport charges us for using their facilities.

There is unlimited milage/kilometers included in all our rentals.

If you want the car delivered to an address that is outside of Tórshavn, you can send us an email at for a quote.