Having a rental car in the Faroe Islands allows you to explore our sceneries at your own pace. Take the time to enjoy new breathtaking views that come with every twist and turn.

As one of our customers put it, If you are contemplating whether to rent a car in the Faroes – do it! It’s far easier… you won’t regret having a car. Renting a car in the Faroe Islands is easy and as a local company we want to share some thought on best practices to make the process seamless.

Renting a Car in the faroe islands

Plan Your Stay

If you haven’t already planned your stay in the Faroe Islands before searching for a rental car, we would recommend having a rough idea of the trip before you rent a car. Knowing where and how long you are planning to stay, and which places you want to see will give you a better understanding of what you want from your car rental provider.

Pick-up and Drop-off Locations

These are the most common places car rental providers offer pick-up and return.

If you are arriving by air we recommend car rental pick-up at Vágar airport as a first thing to do after leaving the terminal. Since there are few attractions within walking distance from the airport, and Tórshavn is a 40-minute drive away it is very limited what you can do without a vehicle.

If you are arriving by ferry or choose to take public transportation from the airport to Tórshavn, Rent Your Car has a wide range of pick-up and return locations available. We provide flexible delivery in places such as cruise terminals, hotels, and Airbnb delivery.

Booking Your Rental Car

We recommend being informed about what rental car class you desire, so you don’t run into issues such as a lack of luggage space, comfort, or economy. On the “our cars” page, we provide more information about the car rental classes we provide.

Make sure to make a reservation as soon as possible, if you are planning to visit the Faroe Islands in the summer, as most rental car providers are fully booked in the summer months.

Hidden Costs & Unpleasant Surprises

If you are looking for cheap car rental, most price listings are in a “from” price. You can retrieve the most accurate cost representation, by entering the booking process and looking at the total price on the contact information page.

If you are looking to compare prices to get the best deal, you can click here to see an overview of car rental providers.

As a local car rental provider, Rent Your Car aims to provide great service for low prices.

Always inspect the car for damage before use and take pictures if you find anything. This way you have documentation if it would happen that the agency would attempt to charge you for damages you haven’t made.

Make sure you have unlimited mileage on your car rental, as the extra bill can come as an unpleasant additional cost. At Rent Your Car, unlimited mileage is included in every order.

In addition to the cost of the car rental, expect a hold charge on your credit card from pick-up ‘til a few days after your return date as this is used for security purposes if additional payments are required. The charge varies, so make sure to ask your provider so that you come prepared.

It’s an unpleasant surprise when realizing that you paid extra for self-risk insurance when your insurance company already had you covered. That is why we recommend that you double-check your insurance before completing the rental car booking.

However, if you’re not covered, we highly recommend self-risk insurance. It covers all damage to the car while it’s in your possession up to 9.000 DKK.

In the Faroe Islands, wages are higher than in a lot of other countries, so repairs are not cheap and car repair bills can be expensive.

Unfortunately, we experience multiple cases where customers do not include insurance in their booking and later get billed for a car damage that was out of their control. A bill that self-risk insurance would have covered.

Sub-sea tunnels that connect islands have driving fees. These fees are handled online, making the process seamless. However, this can easily be a cost that increases your final bill drastically if you use them frequently. Here’s a map showing the Faroe Islands sub-sea tunnel locations and prices.

Here at Rent Your Car, we offer sub-sea tunnel passes which covers two of the three sub-sea tunnels of the Faroe Islands. Whether or not you include it in your booking we manage the costs for you and add your final fee to your booking when you drop-off the car.

Vehicle Information

Most Faroese car rental agencies offer both manual and automatic transmission, though automatic vehicles generally have a higher daily rate. Make sure to double-check with your agency before completing your booking, if you exclusively want automatic transmission.

Most cars have built-in GPS systems, but the Faroe Islands are not visible on all of them. However, if you have pocket Wi-Fi included in your booking, the GPS on your phone should do just fine. If the service is unavailable to you, make sure to ask the car rental agency if the built-in system works or if you’re going to need to rent an additional GPS.