Road Trips

For those looking to explore the Faroese nature, we highly recommend using the “Hiking in the Faroe Islands” guide. It provides safe paths and routes for all who are looking for a magnificent nature experience. This guide can also make the most out of your road trips when renting a car in the Faroe Islands. Read more about the cars we offer here.

We have picked out some of our favorite trips for you to explore with your car rental experience in the Faroe Islands. We hope you will enjoy the sceneries. Please respect the nature and the locals when on your journey.

Planning your stay is one of the foundational steps before renting a car in the Faroe Islands. Read more car rental tips here.


drive around the Faroe Islands with your rental car

Drive to the westernmost village on the airport island of Vagar, Gásadalur. Here you will discover the captivating waterfall, Múlafossur. This is a highlight for many of our foreign visitors as the sight is unlike any other. The stunning waterfall flows off the edge of the island straight into the North Atlantic ocean.

drive around the Faroe Islands with your rental car

The Giant and The Witch

Tjørnuvík is a small village by a beach at the northern tip of Streymoy. From there you can see two stone stacks which an old Faroese tale describes to be a giant and a witch. In an attempted to bring our islands to Iceland, the sun arose before they could do so and were ultimately turned into stone. This old folktale and the charming houses have been part of making this small village a great attraction for locals and tourists alike.


In addition, Tjørnuvík is also a good surfing spot. Get in touch with a local surf guide to learn more.


On your way to Tjørnuvík, make sure to stop at Fossá by Haldarsvík. This is a popular tourist attraction, especially after heavy rainfall. It is one the highest waterfalls in the Faroe Islands at 140 meters.


Kirkjubøur, although small is rich with history. In the middle ages the village was the center of all religious and cultural activity in the country, being the location for the most famous Faroese monument, the ruins of Magnus Cathedral. 

Use this map for a self-guided experience in this beautiful little village.


Explore Viðareiði, which is the northernmost village of The Faroe Islands. This small village is a perfect place for an epic hike, as Cape Enniberg at 754 meters is the tallest promontory in the Faroe Islands and one of the tallest in the world.


car rental in faroe islands looking over a fjord

Take the old road from Tórshavn to Kollafjørður. It will lead you close to several mountain peaks. Explore several breathtaking views here, e.g., the iconic view driving to Norðadalur.

car rental in faroe islands looking over a fjord


Gjógv is a small village overseeing a majestic view of the mountains of Kalsoy. Gjógv is Faroese for gorge and is given its name due to the gorge that runs into the sea north of the village.

Puffins nest here from early May to late August.

Eysturoy Tunnel

Experience the world’s first undersea tunnel with a roundabout. The tunnel connects Streymoy to Skálafjørður fjord’s eastern and western arm.

Get the full Eysturoy Tunnel experience by tuning onto radio station 97 FM to hear a soundtrack made of sounds from the tunnel. The radio channel is only available inside the tunnel.


Enjoy a trip in your car rental in the Faroe Islands to Slættaratindur. At an elevation of 880 meters, it is the tallest mountain on our islands with a hike providing an exceptional view. 
The drive to the mountain is an experience in off itself. The sceneries experienced in the area are beathtaking.